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To meet today's business challenges, organizations must use ongoing and systematic processes to assess the skills and competencies of their employees. Accurate, easy-to-use assessment tools are an absolute necessity, whether to select new employees, identify and pinpoint skill gaps in existing teams, or determine the skills and competencies in the workforce to meet changing business needs.

Centrestar has broad experience in assessing the skills and competencies of thousands of personnel across all industries. We provide a research-based, easy-to-use Leadership Competency Model and Inventories to identify both the importance of selected skills and competencies as well as the perceived developmental need.

You can use our assessment for individuals, targeted groups, multi-rater feedback applications, and customize it in support of specific organizational goals.

Centrestar also offers a variety of print-based inventories and publications you can use for in-house training.

Additionally, we invite users of our site to read and comment on contemporary topics via our blog.

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What customers say?

"They listened to our needs and built on-demand courses that our engineers and project professionals can take while working anywhere in the world."

General Partner of Large International Engineering Firm