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Resources for Organizations

Centrestar leadership has designed workshop programs for organizations for over 30 years. We can help you customize your learning program by selecting individual courses that can be completed online, through onsite workshops, remote learning, or you can conduct your own inhouse seminars or learn-at-lunch programs.

Don’t know where to start? We can help you pinpoint competency needs using our systematic needs assessment processes, whereby we can help identify the skills, competencies, and performance gaps of your employees or employee groups. Programs can then be customized and focused ondelivering organizational value while improving employee engagement and performance.

Don’t reinvent the wheel! While we designed our courses for individuals who want to build their leadership and technical competence, you will find our books, inventories, and other materials to be valuable resources. Workbooks for all our courses are available as well as instructor slides, workshop timelines, and guidance on how to use them are available.



Building Leadership Competence

(309 pages)


Today, competency-based education is said to be the learning of the future. Why? Because organizations use competencies to help determine what employees are capable of and where they need to grow. After years of research – and real-life experience – Dr. Wesley Donahue, Professor at Penn State University, has assembled a comprehensive framework of 35 Competencies that are essential for success in virtually every industry, organization, and position.

Great resource for your in-house seminars, workshops, and learn-at-lunch programs.

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Unlocking Lean Six Sigma

(221 pages)


Lean Six Sigma is a method and strategy that supports individuals and project management teams as they pinpoint problems and implement work process improvements. You do not need to be an engineer to apply these practical principles and tools, and you can use them in any organization and industry. The fact is, applying Lean Six Sigma is easier to use than you think, and the guide will show you how.

Great resource for your in-house seminars, workshops, and learn-at-lunch programs.

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Leadership Competency Inventory & Individual Development Plan

(8-page booklet with three-part response form)


Centrestar's Leadership Competency Inventory (LCI) and Individual Development Plan are based on our extensive research with both private and public sector organizations.

The LCI is a self-assessment that identifies the training needs of individuals and groups. The Individual Development Plan is a roadmap for developing the competencies associated with the identified needs.

Inventories are typically sold in packets of 25 for $437.50 ($17.50 each) plus shipping and tax. Please complete our Contact Form to order.


Interpersonal Styles Profile

(20-page booklet)

Our Interpersonal Style Profile is a behavioral model that helps people better understand themselves and others. This understanding fosters improved communication and more positive relationships.

The model presents a method for you to identify your interpersonal style and that of other people. Further, it provides insight into the dynamics of the different styles and how understanding them facilitates effective working relationships.


Inventories are typically sold in packets of 25 for $437.50 ($17.50 each) plus shipping and tax. Please complete our Contact Form to order.


The following programs are examples of programs delivered to organizational clients. For more information, please contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CPE 1010 Project Management Essentials (16 hrs.)

In today's dynamic environment, supervisors, managers and other professionals are frequently involved in leading projects. When projects are well led, they are completed on time and under budget, effectively and efficiently, and recognized by all team members as a positive experience. Through a series of four courses, participants will explore the tools and knowledge needed to succeed with experimental learning and a variety of planning exercises/activities designed with an action/ learning focus.

This program is designed for entry level managers, technical personnel, and other professionals involved in managing projects of all sizes. Supervisors or other individuals whose functions overlap with project management tasks will also benefit from this program.

CPE 1020 Project Management Application (20 hrs.)

Improve your project management competence with this comprehensive five course program series that includes instruction and application activities associated with each phase of a project life cycle from initiating to closing, or start to finish. A common methodology can help to provide consistency of practices from one project to the next.

The program series is designed for individuals with project management responsibilities, including: project managers, coordinators, project team members, project stakeholders, supervisors, as well as those who may become involved in project management activities in the future. The program series is aligned with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI)® Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and integrated into each course

CPE 1204 Lean Sigma Yellow Belt (12 hrs.)

This program covers essential tools and concepts for better understanding Lean-Sigma tools and methodologies and how to apply them to improve processes, eliminate waste and enhance organizational performance.

CPE 2000 Professional and Personal Development (32 hrs.)

CPE 3000 Front-Line Supervisor - Master Program (80 hrs.)

This master program is comprised of five individual programs designed for new frontline supervisors, project leaders, and group leaders who have had little formal training in this important leadership role. The courses covers the basic competencies needed to supervise and lead others to greater individual, team, and organizational performance. For experienced supervisors, the twenty short courses offer the benefit of a comprehensive skill update; for people expected to move into supervision, it is an excellent advance preparation.

CPE 3010 Supervisory Fundamentals (16 hrs.)

CPE 3021 Performance Management (16 hrs)

CPE 3030 Teamwork and Cooperation (16 hrs)

CPE 3040 Workplace Improvement (16 hrs)

CPE 3050 Workplace Excellence (16 hrs)

CPE 4100 Mid-Level Manager - People, Processes, and Operations (40 hrs.)

This program comprised of ten short courses is designed for functional managers, coordinators, directors, administrators, project managers and others who may or may not have supervisory and managerial responsibilities and demonstrate high leadership potential. Its purpose is to ensure that participants develop an adequate understanding of the contemporary leadership competencies and practices that are needed to function across organizational units and engage effectively in today’s changing global business environment.

CPE 4500 Senior Executive - Strategic Initiatives (24 hrs.)

This program is comprised of six short courses designed for senior leaders. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity to develop the higher-level skills required for leaders to work cross-functionally in their organizations. The program focuses on organizational best practices and criteria for performance excellence. Leaders have the opportunity to build their leadership awareness and skills and examine the alignment of those skills with organizational realities. It also includes project work where participants apply their learning by developing a personal action plan related to their organizations.

CPE 3005 Institute for Faculty Leadership (56 hrs.)

This program provides an opportunity for faculty to reflect on themselves as leaders and recognize the diverse challenges they face. The program is comprised of fourteen short courses designed primarily for faculty engaged in or preparing for leadership assignments. Its purpose is to ensure that faculty develop an adequate understanding of the contemporary leadership competencies that are needed to function effectively in today's higher education environment and to grow professionally.

CPE 5800 Enhancing Client Relationship Skills (8 hrs.)

This intensive two-session series is for technical specialists, product leaders, service providers, customer relationship representatives, business owners, and others who desire to build their client relationship competence and create win-win solutions.