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Individuals and Organizations 375Who we serve?

"The competition out there is tough. All of our competitors can essentially buy the same equipment and use it in the same way, but the organization with the best-trained people will produce the best products and services. We worked collaboratively with the Centrestar to make that investment in our employees."                          
                                     - Leader of a Large Multi-National Organization

For Individuals

Our learning system supports the continuing professional education requirements of engineers, architects, landscape architects, surveyors, project managers, human resource specialists, and all other professionals. We serve individuals working in all industries, as evidenced by our accreditations from these leading institutions:

  • American Institute of Architects (AIA®)
  • American Society of Landscape Architects (LA/CES®)
  • Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM®)
  • Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI®)
  • International Association of Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE®)

Whether you require Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Professional Development Hours (PDHs) to maintain your professional status or want to polish your skills and competencies or gain new ones, we are here to help.

For Organizations

We provide comprehensive training programs, consulting, and product services to improve the skill levels and competitiveness of your employees and associates.

We deliver programming in several ways including on-site, online, or blended remote. We can analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate professional development programs that result in a value added experience for your organization.

In addition, we can bundle courses into comprehensive training programs should you desire a customized approach. Each of our courses is competency-based and aligned with our research-based competency system. To our knowledge, we are unique in this regard and no other competitor can make that claim.

What makes us uniqueBooks Inventories and Workbooks 375

We use a competency-based learning system to identify and address the learning needs of individuals and organizations. Learning today requires a guided approach from assessments through a variety of learning options, and that is what Centrestar delivers.


Accurate, easy-to-use assessment tools are an absolute necessity, whether to select new employees, identify and pinpoint skill gaps of individuals or teams, or determine the skills and competencies needed in the workforce to meet changing business needs.

Centrestar has broad experience in assessing the skills and competencies of thousands of personnel across all industries. We provide research-based and easy-to-use leadership competency tools, guidebooks, and inventories to focus professional development initiatives.

You can use our 35 competency assessment tool for individuals, targeted groups, or as a multi-rater feedback and coaching instrument. If needed, we can assist you in customizing these tools to support specific organizational initiatives.

Centrestar also offers a variety of digital or print-based books, workbooks, and instructional materials that you can use for individual study or in-house training. All our offerings are aligned with the Centerstar Five-Domain (or Cluster) Competency Model.

Each workbook focuses on three specific competency dimensions and is categorized into one of the following five Competency Domains (or Clusters) for which it most closely aligns.  

Resource Management—category CPE 1000
Professional Competence—category CPE 2000
Supervisory/Management—category CPE 3000
Organizational Leadership—category CPE 4000
Technical Acumen—category CPE 5000               

The following workbooks may be used for individuals for continuing professional development (CPE) or by organizations for seminars, lunch-and-learn programs, or bundled into a customized curricula for employees.

Resource Management (CPE 1000) 

<Coming Soon> 

Professional Competence (CPE 2000)

CPE 2101 Professional Ethics

CPE 2201 Improving Interpersonal Communication Skills

CPE 2204 Improving Your Relationship Skills to Boost Results

CPE 2208 Employees Helping Employees to Boost Engagement

CPE 2209 Improving Your Emotional Intelligence

CPE 2212 Engaging in Effective Teamwork

CPE 2213 Giving and Receiving Targeted Feedback that Works

CPE 2214 Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace


Supervisory Management (CPE 3000)

Supervisory Fundamentals

CPE 3011 Understanding Supervisory Roles and Responsibilities

CPE 3012 Fostering Effective Communication in the Workplace

CPE 3013 Creating Cooperative and Collaborative Work Relationships

CPE 3014 Promoting Contemporary Leadership Practices

Performance Management

CPE 3021 Boosting Employee Motivation and Engagement

CPE 3022 Communicating Employee Performance Expectations

CPE 3023 Improving Employee Performance Through Coaching:

CPE 3024 Addressing Employee Performance Situations Not Easily Resolved

Teamwork and Cooperation

CPE 3031 Understanding Team Roles and Responsibilities

CPE 3032 Developing Team Skills and Processes

CPE 3033 Resolving Team Issues and Challenges

CPE 3034 Enhancing Influence and Negotiation Skills

Workplace Challenges

CPE 3041 Solving Problems Using a Systematic Approach

CPE 3042 Treating Time and Priorities as Valuable Resources

CPE 3043 Leading Timely and Effective Meetings

CPE 3044 Understanding and Resolving Conflict

Workplace Improvement

CPE 3051 Evaluating Customer Wants and Meeting Expectations

CPE 3052 Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

CPE 3053 Identifying and Implementing Opportunities for Improvement

CPE 3054 Creating Presentations Audiences Value

Supervisory Management Electives

CPE 3308 Interviewing and Selection Techniques

<More Coming Soon> 


Organizational Leadership (CPE 4000) 

CPE 4101 Leading People Through Change

<More Coming Soon> 


For Course and Workbook Details See: https://www.centrestar.com/all-courses 



"They listened to our needs and built on-demand courses that our engineers and project professionals can take while working anywhere in the world."
                                                     -General Partner of Large International Engineering Firm


American Institute of Architects (AIA®)

International Association of Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE®)

American Society of Landscape Architects (LA/CES®)

Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI®)

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM®)