01. How can I track my development activities?

Records of all of the courses you take through CentreStar Academy are available on this site when you login. CentreStar does not share your course activities or course scores with State Licensing Boards or Professional Associations, unless required. However, you can also keep track of "all" of your professional development activities by signing-up for a "Basic Subscription" in the ACEC (NCEES) Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP), for which CentreStar is a registered provider. The ACEC Registered Continuing Education Program (RCEP) is a nationwide portal for education and career recordkeeping. It is a merger of quality education providers and engineers, surveyors, and related Architecture/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) industry professionals into one comprehensive education management system. RCEP is a one-stop solution for keeping you up-to-date with continuing education requirements, finding educational offerings from quality providers, and managing your continuing education activities - anytime, anywhere, available at: