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Centrestar leadership has designed programs for organizations for over 30 years. We can help you customize your learning program by selecting individual courses that can be completed online, through onsite workshops, remote learning, or you can conduct your own inhouse seminars or learn-at-lunch programs.

The following offerings are examples of programs delivered to organizational clients. For more information, please contact us.

CPE 1205 Lean Sigma Process Improvement: Green Belt (48 hours; plus, completion of Lean Sigma Process Improvement: Yellow Belt) 

This 48-hour Lean Sigma Process Improvement: Green Belt course is designed as an application opportunity for people with busy schedules and little or no prior experience with Lean Sigma. Centrestar’s online 12-hour Lean Sigma Process Improvement: Yellow Belt course (CPE 1204) is a prerequisite course and provides participants with an introduction to the tools, techniques and methodologies, this Green Belt program provides the project application. The requirements for Centrestar’s Green Belt process improvement project are as follows:

1. Successful completion of Centrestar’s 12-hour CPE 1204 Yellow Belt course (prerequisite).

2. Successful completion of Centrestar’s online CPE 1205 Green Belt course and submission of a “hands-on” work-related project of your choosing.

3. Submission of a link to your 10-minute virtual presentation. ---Please note: Your virtual platform can be a recorded Zoom presentation, narrated PowerPoint slides, or use another method of your choosing. Just supply link for viewing. 

It is expected that the total time for completing your Green Belt course and demonstration project should be approximately 48 hours beyond completion of the prerequisite online Yellow Belt course. You can complete your Green Belt project individually or as part of a team.  

By course completion, you will be well-versed in the knowledge and skills needed for successfully leading or participating in Green Belt-level projects to reduce or eliminate waste, lower defects in your organization’s products and processes, and improve customer satisfaction. At the end of this course, you should be able to:

+ Demonstrate competence in observing, documenting, and evaluating work processes

+ Put Lean Sigma concepts to practical use in your work environment

+ Select and apply the appropriate tools when analyzing a work process

+ Show that you understand Lean Sigma tools and how best to apply them

+ Report and present project actions, key metrics, and outcomes efficiently and professionally