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Centrestar leadership has designed programs for organizations for over 30 years. We can help you customize your learning program by selecting individual courses that can be completed online, through onsite workshops, remote learning, or you can conduct your own inhouse seminars or learn-at-lunch programs.

The following offerings are examples of programs delivered to organizational clients. For more information, please contact us.

CPE 4100 Mid-Level Manager - People, Processes, and Operations (40 hrs.)

This program has ten short courses designed for functional managers, coordinators, directors, administrators, project managers, and others who may or may not have direct supervisory and managerial responsibilities but who have demonstrated leadership potential. Its purpose is to ensure that participants develop an adequate understanding of the leadership competencies and practices needed to function across organizational units and engage in today's global business environment.


CPE 4010 Interpreting the Changing Role of the Leader (4 hrs.) 

CPE 4101 Implementing Organizational Change Initiatives (4 hrs.)

CPE 2204 Enhancing Communication in the Workplace (4 hrs.)

CPE 4044 Leading Through Conflicts in the Workplace (4 hrs.)

CPE 4701 Coaching for Exemplary Performance (4 hrs.)

CPE 4102 Developing Global Business Acumen (4 hrs.)

CPE 3309 Solving Problems and Making Ethical Decisions (4 hrs.)

CPE 4302 Examining Financial Knowledge Essentials (4 hrs.)

CPE 1110 Understanding Project Budgeting and Justification (4 hrs.)

CPE 1109 Leading Complex Projects (4 hrs.)