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Centrestar leadership has designed programs for organizations for over 30 years. We can help you customize your learning program by selecting individual courses that can be completed online, through onsite workshops, remote learning, or you can conduct your own inhouse seminars or learn-at-lunch programs.

The following offerings are examples of programs delivered to organizational clients. For more information, please contact us.

CPE 2000 Professional and Personal Development Series (40 hrs.)

The competition out there is tough. Organizations can buy the same equipment and use it the same way, and thus organizations with the best-trained people will produce the best products and services. Today's competitive business environment demands that successful organizations develop and support top talent. Individuals must communicate, work as a team, and focus on organizational priorities. 


Select one or more of the courses in this series, depending on your goals. 


CPE 2101 Professional Ethics 

CPE 2204 Enhancing Communications in the Workplace (4 hrs.) 

CPE 2206 Managing Multiple Priorities (4 hrs.)

CPE 2207 Enhancing Workplace Relationships (4 hrs.)

CPE 2208 Embracing a Climate of Motivation and Engagement (4 hrs.)

CPE 2209 Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence (4 hrs.)

CPE 2210 Communicating Respectfully in Today's Workplace (4 hrs.)

CPE 2211 Responding to Conflict in the Workplace (4 hrs.)

CPE 2212 Engaging in Teamwork (4 hrs.)

CPE 2213 Giving and Receiving Feedback that Works (4 hrs.)

CPE 2214 Fostering Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace (4 hrs.)