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Centrestar leadership has designed programs for organizations for over 30 years. We can help you customize your learning program by selecting individual courses that can be completed online, through onsite workshops, remote learning, or you can conduct your own inhouse seminars or learn-at-lunch programs.

The following offerings are examples of programs delivered to organizational clients. For more information, please contact us.

CPE 1010 Project Management Essentials (16 hrs.)

In today's dynamic environment, supervisors, managers, and other professionals are often called upon to lead projects. Projects managed by trained staff are completed on time and under budget, effectively and efficiently, and team members have a positive experience.  

Through a series of four courses, participants will explore the tools and knowledge needed to succeed in acting as a project leader. They will participate in experimental learning with a variety of planning exercises/activities designed with an action focus. 

We designed this program to meet the needs of entry-level managers, technical personnel, and other professionals involved in managing projects of all sizes. Supervisors or other individuals whose functions overlap with project management tasks or those individuals anticipating stepping into such roles and functions will also benefit from this program.

CPE 1011 Defining and Planning Projects (4 hrs.)  

CPE 1012 Understanding Project Management Tools and Uses (4 hrs.)

CPE 1013 Leading Projects and Teams (4 hrs.) 

CPE 1014 Controlling Projects to Completion (4 hrs.)