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 We are all living a technological revolution! How will the the top technology trends affect you? How can we help you keep pace?

tablet-313002 150Open Online Learning - One of Five Top Tech Trends among Venture Capitalists - Robert Hof, Forbes

Everyone wants to know what technologies are coming next, and every year a panel of the most forward-thinking minds venture capitalists in technology and tech finance convenes to provide a look at what innovations are likely to emerge in the next few years. Below are the Five Top Tech Trends among venture capitalists according to Forbes contributor Robert Hof; 

1. Radical Globalization of Social Commerce

2. Zero Marginal Cost Education

3. Massive Sensors and Data

4. All Vehicles Go Electric

5. A Shift Toward Technocracy

The “Zero Marginal Cost Education” is interesting to us at centrestar as it means education and training faces massive disruption. Online education and training is a “game changer” that just keeps getting better and better. We are all living a technology revolution, and professionals who grew up digital don’t like sitting around and listening to experts talk. With careful instructional design, technologies can be integrated to make education and training better and much more cost effective. Try our Professional Ethics short course for free and see how convenient on-demand / online education can be!

Read More - “The Top 10 Tech Trends, Straight From 5 Top Tech VCs” by Robert Hof, Contributor for Forbes at: