Investments in Professional Development

Did you know that in a multi-year study by Centrestar associates, clients reported that for every $1 invested in professional development programs $50 in benefits were gained?


Investments in Professional Development Programs Result in Increased Savings, Revenue for Organizations.

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Centrestar professional associates reported the results of an impact report that demonstrates that professional development programs lead to significant operational improvements for participating organizations.

The study analyzes client reports of the impact of professional development programs over a five year period. Through a post-program survey of professional development clients, research indicates that statistically significant differences are found in average ratings of such areas as employee morale, quality of communication, job satisfaction, employee retention and customer satisfaction. Clients also report an average gain of over $50 for every $1 dollar invested in professional development programs through cost savings, cost avoidance and increased revenue.

centrestar associates stated that they are very proud of the work done with clients, and are pleased, but not surprised, by the impact that professional development programs have had for these organizations.