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centrestar academy 35 competencies to succeed
The 35 competencies are categorized by the following five overarching competency domains or clusters which are aligned with our competency model.


Are business rules made to be broken?

Resource ManagementEffective Resource Management requires that leaders Understand Systems. Recognizing how people and processes interact is a necessary professional competency to avoid the quagmires created by mixed message rules.

It happens. A well-intentioned policy or procedure creates a mixed message, and the result is an operational glitch. We’ve all been there. Conflicting rules frustrate employees, and managers are forced to spend time on problems that could have been avoided.


Would your organization retaliate if you reported the unethical behavior of a popular or valued employee?

Professional CompetenceProfessional Competence requires Self-Responsibility and Management, and it’s built on ethical behavior. Ethical behavior is much more than being nice.

You hear talk about ethics at company meetings, but do most people in your workplace understand what constitutes ethical behavior? Do you? Does your organization have a formal code of ethics? Do people buy into and use the code when the going gets tough? Do you? Are you aware of the ways an ethical code can help – and unethical behavior can hurt – you and your organization?


360-degree assessment tools are widely used but do they help or hinder employee performance?

Supervisory ManagementSupervisory Management requires that you understand Leadership and Coaching. The first step is knowing what to coach, and then you need the skills to follow through.

Working with employees to improve their performance can make a difference. However, it’s my experience, and might be yours as well, that such efforts can fail. A 360-degree assessment is a useful tool to help you pinpoint a performance issue, but not a guarantee of success. Success or failure has to do with how you use the tool.


Are professional development programs worth the money you must spend?

Organizational LeadershipOrganizational Leadership requires that you understand Financial Management and Budgeting. Knowing when and where to invest dollars – and when not to – is a necessary professional competency for leaders at every level.

An organizational budget will stretch just so far, so you’re forced to make hard choices when it comes to allocation of professional development dollars. If you get it wrong, your workforce won’t be happy, and your manager might wonder if you’re best suited for a different job.


How can you keep pace with industry changes when trends usually aren’t clear and bad decisions are costly?

Technical AcumenHaving the Technical Acumen to track Industry-Wide Trends is a required professional competency if you are to innovate and keep your organization competitive.

Online training is just one example of an industry-wide trend that businesses face as technology continues to transform all industries. In this time of continual change, the one thing you can count on is that you must know how to innovate.