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CPE 3042 Implementing Time and Priority Management

CPE 3042 Implementing Time and Priority Management

  • Instructor: Dr. Wesley E. Donahue, PE, PMP

As a leader, many demands are placed on your time. Getting everything done on schedule sometimes seems to be impossible, but not when you plan your time and use it wisely.

This course helps you examine your ideas about time and your use of time. You will learn how to manage time better and get more done each day, and how to model time management for your employees. At the end of this course you will know how to:

+ Identify your current time-use habits.
+ Sequence top-priority tasks, responsibilities, and priorities.
+ Develop daily and weekly plans to control how you use your time.
+ Appraise personal time-wasters and develop ideas to avoid, reduce, or eliminate them.
+ Apply goal-based planning and match time and priorities.