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CPE 1025 Closing Projects

CPE 1025 Closing Projects

  • Instructor: Dr. Wesley E. Donahue, PE, PMP

You and your team have worked hard on a project, and then, before you know it, the project is complete. Or maybe you received an unanticipated change in direction from management and the project was terminated. These scenarios will affect your project in different ways, but they have processes in common.

This course describes how to manage the close-out phase of a project, including how to leverage any close-out planning that already exists. At the end of this course, you should be able to:

+ Identify the critical project elements to include in the closing process.
+ Differentiate between closing a project and terminating a project.
+ Identify the closing tools and techniques within each knowledge area.
+ More fully contribute to the closing processes within assigned projects.