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CPE 1109 Leading Complex Projects

CPE 1109 Leading Complex Projects

  • Instructor: Dr. Wesley E. Donahue, PE, PMP

Effective leadership is a challenge even on straightforward projects, and the challenges increase exponentially in complex projects. To increase your chances of success, you are wise to hone your proficiencies before you find yourself on the firing line of a complex project.

This course covers essential tools for leading projects of any size and complexity, for setting priorities, and for managing project resources. The course also expands your knowledge relevant to best professional practices. At the end of this course you should be able to:

+ List the characteristics and skills of an effective project leader.
+ Identify and describe typical project constraints.
+ Explain the common elements of the project management cycle and associated tools.
+ Describe how personality traits can affect effective time usage and stress.
+ Explain how setting priorities and developing an overall time management plan can help professionals to better lead multiple project priorities.